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I have several eletrical problems with my van however I have traced the problem back to the underhood fuse block it is full of corrossion and not supplying power to many components however I can not locate the part the dealer says its discontinued also the local junk yard only has a 2002 oldsmobile shilouette how ever the pins are not the same i am prepared to move the wires what do i have to do to get the new fuse block to work

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Unfortunately, you will not be able to use the newer fuse block. Even though you might think you can change some pins or wire locations, you cannot change the internals of the fuse block which are completely different than your 97 model.

You are going to have to locate the proper one for your van one way or another. You might try going back to the dealership and having them do a search for any other dealer in the country that might have that part in stock still. They can do this for you when a part is discontinued and not available to order right from GM. If one is available at some other dealer, they can have it shipped to your local dealership. Otherwise, keep searching junkyards and online.

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