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B0100 code, 2011, Silverado, 1500 4 x 4, 5.3L, Flex Fuel.
DIC shows message "Service Trailer Brake System".
A scan for codes shows seven events.
1. Short in D Squib Circuit. What and Where is D Squib? One of the Electronic Modules in the brake system some where?
2. FSC DTC What is FSC? Maybe...Front Sensor? Where?
3. MIL
4. History
5-7 repeats above.
These codes were manufacture specific to Chevy. No other codes.
No trailer is hooked up. Seems to show most frequently while backing out of the garage in cold weather. I can clear the code but it immediately registers again.
I noticed today that my battery seems to have a slow drain also. This was after 3 days of not driving it. Related...?

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B0100 is the only code you have? Isn't that code for the airbag system? Are you out of warranty? The squib is the circuit that starts the explosion for the airbag. the squib circuit is the circuit that is tied to the squib in order to make it work correctly.

you should have your restraint system looked at by a professional. In case of an accident where someone might get hurt, you want to make sure they won't blame you for doing on not doing something.

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Yes that is the only code stored in the computer. I will check further into the air bag thing. But I would think there would be some other codes in the (SRS code category) stored in the computer. I will do another complete code download just to be sure. Maybe I need to do a live data scan or a freeze frame for any additional information.
Does any one have any ideas on the Trailer brake issue?

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the brake switch signal is wired to the fuel pump/trailer brake module. The BCM sends a brake switch serial data to the FP/TB module. The module compares the brake the brakes switch signal to the serial data when the brake master pressure sensor exceeds a threshold. if the switch info and the serial data don't match or if the serial data is not valid, you get the service message and the trailer brake will be disabled until the key is cycled.

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