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I have a 1990 Chevy Blazer Scottsdale Edition. A big name tire shop broke one of the front wheel studs and has the nerve to ask me to pay them to fix it! Anyway, I'm sure this is a repair I can do myself. Can anybody advise where I can view a specific repair video (tried you-tube, no luck) or manual online for this repair or can anybody walk me through it? Thanks

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this is a fullsize 1500 4wd right? if it is, you could just look for a video of a rotor removal as in:
or a bearing repack. Once the rotor is off you can hammer the broken stud out and using a drift hammer the new stud in from the back.

If you have the tool or a series of washers and an extra wheel stud you might be able to replace the stud without taking the rotor off. Once you take the rotor off look from the back where the inner pad contacts the rotor and see if there is enough space in the back of the rotor to access the wheel stud. I think there might be. you could drive the stud out and with a magnet fish it out of the rotor well. Using the magnet or your fingers put the new stud into the hole place some washers (that are bigger than the diameter of the stud's base) then use the lugnut to pull the stud through. I have a special tool that is a thick spacer and a shouldered nut that is used to pull the stud in.

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Yes indeed a full-size Blazer. Thanks for the heads up on the video. After watching it, if my backing plate has that same cut-out, you may be correct that there might be enough room to replace it from the back of the rotor without having to remove the rotor. That would be so much easier. Thanks for the info and advice it's greatly appreciated!

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Another trick I have done when there is not much room even with the rotor removed. Cut the studs as flush to the hub bearing as possible and pond it out. You can then remove it from the backing plate easily. To install a new one, cut or grind part of the flat back side off. About 1/4 of the round part. A straight cut. Then it will slip through the small area to get pushed back into the stud hole in the hub.

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