Problem with my 2001 Chevy Venture.
6cyl 3400
Warning lights = yes
GM tech = KK
question = Just a quick question:  I'm getting a warning light/symbol that isn't in any of  my
manuals (this is a Canadian car):  Its a red circle with a "wave" across it - the area  under the
wave is solid red.  What does it mean?

I believe the warning light symbol your are referring to is the low brake fluid warning.
If the wave and the filled in area is at the bottom 1/3 of the circle.
Check the brake fluid in the reservoir to see if it is low.
Many times if it is low, the light will come on when slowing down, and go off when  accelerating
because the fluid is sloshing around.

If it is low, then have the system checked for leaks. Leaking rear wheel cylinders is a common
cause for low fluid. Also low front brakes pads can cause the system fluid to be low.
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Venture Van 2001 Warning Light On Dash