1996 Chevrolet Lumina.
Question: Lately, I've been noticing that once I get my Lumina up above 65 mph, on the highway,
theres a really annoying rattle in the rear. It sounds almost as if it could be my rear struts/suspension
on its way out? I've read that it could also be caused by a warped rim, or issue with tire. Whats your
stand on this.

The rattle/noise gets worse the faster the car goes. Makes entire rear of car shake.

A bent rim, or a
tire problem will usually give a vibration. If it is severe enough, it can cause a rattle.
Would definitely check for tire or rim problem. A loose strut/shock would rattle if there was a problem
with a tire/rim. Also check for a foreign object in the tire tread, like a nail or something larger.

1998 Chevy Lumina
Question: which
sensor is above the starter on this car?

I believe you are looking at the knock sensor. That would be a 1- wire sensor. If you could send us a
picture, we can tell you for sure. Different years have sensors in different spots.

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Chevy Lumina Rattle- What Is This Sensor?
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