1995 chevy Tahoe a/c blower speed, fan.
GMC transmission solenoid.
2002 chevy s-10 pickup misfire, runs rough.
Check Engine Light on my 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt. Is it safe to drive like this.
A/C compressor wont come on my 2500 6.0l. Can jumper the relay to engage.
No fuel pressure on my 1997 S-10 truck. Fuses relay and ground checked.
My 1999 chevy suburban gas gauge fluctuates.
A/C blows warm air and switches AUTO to ECON all by itself on my Buick Lesabre.
Extra hose on the radiator no heat on one side of dash my Oldsmobile Aurora.
Cannot unlock my radio theft.
My 2001 chevy Venture van a/c blows warm repair.
2002 Pontiac grand prix jerky and trans. shifts weird.
Why does my 2002 grand am ses light and transmission shifts gears hard.
My 1995 Jimmy Will Not Start. Replaced plugs, Wires, cap and rotor
Replaced Cap & Rotor plugs & wires and the  Ignition coil and fuel filter.
The motor turns and it has spark but it won't  crank up. What is so strange
is the truck...
Service Engine Soon Code P0446 Vent Solenoid 2002 Chevy Blazer
can be caused by a leak in the evaporative emissions system, but is usually
caused by a faulty vent solenoid...
2002 Chevy S-10 Blazer Code P0446
Service Engine Soon P0446 evaporative emission system vent valve.
I just purchased this vehicle and it passed smog. I need to know what part  
needs to be replaced to fix this problem...
1997 Chevrolet Venture SES P1870 Trans Code Slipping
was clunking on accelerated left turn but topped up tranny fluid and it
quit...seems to shift normally. Please advise what a code 1870 may be...van
seems to be running and shifting properly..check engine light...
2000 Silverado hard start. Cranks long time. Replaced plugs, fuel pump regulator.
1999 Silverado Hard Starting
I had the fuel  pump replaced and have been using Lucas Injector Cleaner
with every tank of gas. The  problem never seemed to get better so...
What is This Warning Light on Dash of My 2001 Chevrolet Venture
getting a warning light / symbol that isn't in any of  my manuals. Its a red
circle with a "wave" across it - the area  under the
Heated Seat Wont Work on My 2004 GMC Sierra Denali
Everything els is working fine and the passenger seat is working fine. If it is
a fuses, I cant see of any in the owners manual. Can you help me figure...
Problem With My 2004 Silverado HD Stalls
Sometimes i have to restart. It flashes battery not charging in display. A few
months ago i had a battery boil and replaced both with new ones. I am really
stumped on this and everyone i ask has different ideas
Keyless Lock Unlock Remote Stopped Working
One of my key FOB stopped working on my Chevy. How do I replace
the battery in the remote.
My 1997 Aurora Hard To Start Cold
Having Long Crank Problems. In the mornings, when cold engine cranks
and fires intermittently. Once it has been cranked for about 30 seconds on
and off, it sputters for about 5 seconds...
My 1995 Chevrolet Silverado Headlight is Out
Before I go to the parts store, I need to know the number of the bulb for
my low beam...
My 2006 Chevrolet Equinox Vents Only Blow Hot
I cannot change the heater A/C vents from warm to cold on my Equinox. Will change from vent
to floor and defrost. Is it temperature door motor that i can repair myself...
See Pictures Here
4.3L Engine Misfire After Intake Gaskets
I recently replaced intake gaskets and all gaskets with intake (throttle body,
distributor, upper and lower intake). When I started the Blazer idle was fine, I
revved the engine and still seemed fine. I went for a drive and after reaching
operating temperature the engine
Tick Knock Noise in My Silverado
sounds like a baseball card in a spoke of a bicycle coming from what
I believe is the trans or bell housing.  It ticks with the engine and
speeds up with the engine.  It's about the loudness of a baseball card
in spokes of a bike tire
SES Code IAT Temp Sensor and TRAC OFF After Replaced
Ignition control module on top of valve cover,plugs and wires. Think fuel pumps now
going. It has never been replaced to my knowledge. Replaced air temp sensor in the
air intake tube{right after the air filter
Idle Problem With My 2003 Chevrolet
My truck dies when i turn on the a/c or heat, it's fine when it's just running, and i am also
losing some power with the buttons on the doors with the lock and unlock button, there is
no other problems but the rpm's dip way down below one when idling
1992 Buick 3800 crank sensor replacement.
My 1997 Olds Aurora accelerates by itself without pressing the gas pedal.
Where is the intake air sensor on 1999 Silverado.
Why does my 2002 Chevy Trailblazer die, grind noise, engine light.
1997 Lumina radio unlock. says INOP.
1997 Lumina security on car starts, replaced key.
Should my 1999 Pontiac Sunfire have a front stabilizer bar?
Service Vehicle soon and headlight problem on my 2001 Cavalier.
Chevy Cobalt Brakes Locked Up
Tapped brakes pedal and the car pulled hard to the
right and spun around
1999 Chevy Malibu 3.1L V6 Coolant Leak
My car is throwing allot of water and no, is not from any of the hoses. It looks like its
coming from like at the bottom of the motor or just the...
My 2009 Pontiac Has a Clunk
Problem with my 2009 Pontiac G6. A noise in the front end going over bumps and also
when turning. Is there a service bulletins. How to check for this...
1997 Pontiac Grand Am Catalytic Converter, P0420, Misfire
Had miss fire problem first, replacing the ignition parts fixed problem. But,
catalytic converter went bad. Replaced front and rear o2 sensors...
GMC Sierra Heated Seats Problem
Have code B2425. Replaced seats, harnesses, door module, PCM, switches, fuses,
circuit breaker, etc.
My 1997 Olds Aurora check engine and ABS warning.
Problem with 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora SES P0410 code problem.
Why my 2001 Monte Carlo cars transmission code p1811.
1998 Pontiac Grand Am engine light intake air sensor code p0113.
Century dies out at stop the idle goes up and down after mechanic replaced many parts.
Problem with my 2001 Grand Am transmission shifting.
2008 Pontiac G6 remote keyless entry. Doesn't have it, can I add.
No power steering on 2006 Equinox after jump starting battery. Many warning lights on trucks dash.
How to compress piston on rear brakes to install pads. 2005 Chevrolet Malibu.
2008 Chevy Cobalt 2.4l has SES light lean and misfire codes. How to fix the car.
My 2003 Chevy Tahoe truck runs rough at idle.
My Buick Lesabre car chugs and dies.
1999 chevy Monte carlo misfire  code p0302 cyl. #2.
Why does my 2006 Impala 3.5 engine no heat coolant leaking had to add.
Pontiac Grand Am SES p0300 p0404. EGR  Catalytic converter  PCM
Why does my 1999 Lesabre has code p0420. Mass airflow sensor and 02 replaced.
2001 Pontiac Grand Am 3.4l check engine SES code P0171.
Chevy Monte Carlo v6 has a very high idle.
ABS Problem
My GMC Savanna has brakes problem. It takes too long to stop.
The pedal feels good, no warning light, but just won't stop good.
GMC Canyon
The blower on the truck only work on some speeds. I think it is a bad blower
resistor. Where is it located and how to replace it.
Volvo Won't Start
My car will only run a few seconds if i spray starter fluid in the intake manifold.
Have replaced the fuel pump and crank sensor.
Truck Seems to Be Locking Up
When i come to a stop it is like catching. Not the brakes since the pads
and rotors are in good shape.
Cadillac Escalade Heated Seats
Can i program the seat heaters to come on automatically when using the
remote vehicle start on my truck.
Ford F-250 Wont Start
Replaced the fuel pump did not help. Spray starting fluid and it runs but
then stalls when stop.
Truck Hard To Start
After driving for a while and then shutting off my Trailblazer, it is real hard to start.
Sounds like it is flooded. Mechanic says it is the thermostat and serpentine belt.
GMC Sierra Heated Seats Shut Off
The heater switch lights turn on and off by themselves. I have disconnected the battery
but did  not help the problem on my truck.
Replace Silverado Fuel Pump- Remove Bed
I need to change the fuel pump on my truck and read that the best way to do this repair is
to take off the truck bed. Is that right, and how do i do it.
GMC Envoy Low Oil Pressure
The low pressure, check gauges and stop engine warning lights come on
the dash of my truck. Where is the sensor located to replace it.
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Chev Silverado Actuator Part Number
Replaced the heater and air door actuator but still not working. What is the correct
part number for this repair?
2000 Chevrolet Silverado trucks fuel gauge is not accurate.
Pontiac Grand Prix has no power runs bad.
Chevy Venture van a/c warm, freon leak.
My 2002 Buick Rendezvous won't start problem.
2001 Pontiac Grand Am brakes repair.
Autozone car code p0420 on my 1999 Chevy Monte carlo.
Can i swap the 2.2l engine in my sunfire with a 2.4. How much needs to be changed.
How to replace rear brake pads and calipers rotors on 2005 Malibu.
Repair No cars dash lights on 2003 Buick century.
Why does my 2002 Oldsmobile Intrique 3.5l hard to start stalls dies and bad gas mileage.
Replaced airbag, clockspring, and module on 2007 G6. Do we need to reset the system.
Service stability and traction light come on my 2006 Trailblazer.
I am replacing intake gaskets for a coolant leak and need to know how to adjust valves, 3.4 v6, 1999.
Why does my 2001 Chevy Monte Carlo ABS service traction system warning light.
2001 Grand Am ses code p0113 TRAC OFF and Autozone car scan.
Where is the transmission control solenoid?
Need to replace it on my Pontiac Bonneville.
How do i replace airbag sensor on my Chevy Cavalier.
ABS code c1218 on my 2000 Century. Why does my ABS warning come on car. Can i fix this myself.
My 2005 GP 3800 engine dies out. Replaced battery and cleaned air flow sensor.
Clunking noise in the steering wheel and front end of my 2006 Chevy Malibu.
Where is the TCC solenoid in a 2000 Montana minivan, 3.4l v6.
Hard to start Pontiac Montana when wet or damp outside. Runs rough.
2002 Grand AM SES P0300 P0404 EGR ? Catalytic converter ? PCM ?
1999 Grand Am radio DIC and a/c dont work. Air blows warm.
C1236 on 1999 Pontiac Grand Am. Common cause for this abs code.
1996 Pontiac Bonneville. Where is the transmission control solenoid.
ABS codes on Buick Regal. Brakes drag and hold the car back.
Pontiac G6 3.9l V6 leaking antifreeze and no heat when car idling.
ABS making a clicking noise when slowing down. 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier.
Check engine light code P0300 on 2005 Grand Prix 3800 V6. Tune up did not help.
Autozone car code p0420 on my 1999 chevy Monte carlo.
How to remove passenger side airbag from my Chevy Silverado Truck

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