Knowing automotive terms and abbreviation can be an important part of describing, diagnosing, and repairing today's vehicles. Read though our lists to get yourself more acquainted with these automotive terms. This can help save time, money, or at least further your knowledge of cars and trucks systems and components.

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Scan Check Engine Light

Also known as the SERVICE ENGINE SOON or SES light. This indicates a malfunction in the engine control and emissions systems of your car. Step by step instructions on how to do a simple scan to check for computer trouble codes. These codes give an indication as to what system is having a problem.

Car Maintenance

A list of some common auto maintenance checks that you can do yourself. Check fluid levels. Adjust tire pressures. Drive belt inspection, etc. Pictures videos, and more.

Engine Data Sensor Locations

Choose the engine size from the list to see locations of some sensors on GM vehicles. 4 cyl, v6, 8 cylinder engines.

Automotive Questions Make/Model

Browse lists of some previously answered questions. Choose your vehicle by Make and Model and read articles our expert mechanics have answered. Auto repair part installation, location, how to, diagnosis, common causes and failures.

Q And A Categories

Browse our list of car repair questions and answers by vehicle make.

Sensor Locations

View pictures of sensor locations and read descriptions for many common engine sizes.

Trouble Code Lists

View computer codes lists and descriptions for engine, ABS, Airbags and more.

How It Works

Learn how many of your vehicle systems work. From the basics to the latest High-Tech.

Car Basics

Learn basic car repair, maintenance, diagnosis and inspections.


Browse our FREE auto repair and maintenance video library to help with your vehicle.


Repair Forums

Browse our auto repair forums. Join the community and ask or answer questions.


Electrical testing procedures explained.

Live Chat

Browse our FREE mechanic live chat past discussions. Ask your questions.

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