The wheels on your vehicle were aligned and balanced carefully at the factory to give you the
longest tire life and best overall performance.

If you notice unusual tire wear or your vehicle pulling one way or the other, the alignment may
need to be reset. If you notice your vehicle vibrating when driving on a smooth road, your wheels
may need to be rebalanced.

Find the sticker in the door for
proper tire inflation pressures.

Tire rotation is very important. Tires should be rotated every 6,000 miles.
Every tire has several words that describe it's quality rating. Learn what these Tire Ratings Mean.
The tire size is a combination of letters and numbers used to define a particular tire's width, height,
aspect ratio, construction type, and service description.
Learn what all those letters and numbers mean in
Tire Size Description.
One way to tell when it is time for new tires is to
check the tread wear indicators, which will
appear when your tires have only 1/16 inch
(1.6 mm) or less of tread remaining.
Tires need to be properly inflated at all times.
Dont let anyone tell that a little less air
pressure or a little more is OK and can give
some kinds of advantages over having the
correct pressure. Here are some examples of
Improper Inflation (over or under
inflation) can do.
When it is time to get new tires, it is very important to get the same style, type, and size as
the original. This is even more important with a 4 wheel drive, or all-wheel drive truck or SUV.
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Everything You Need To Know About Tires
AmericanMuscle provides a great resource with their Tire Size Calculator. The tool allows you to calculate
what happens to your car's speedometer when you change your wheel and tire size.