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For some great information and expert advice on anything related to the Ford Mustang,
you can go to AmericanMuscle's tech guides section

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In Forum: Buick

How do you replace the interior door lock sliders in a 95 Buick regal?

In Forum: Ford Cars

The video is great but I need to know the specific size of the wrench used. In my case, the egr is attached to the block next to the Iac valve with the tubing directly attached to the valve with a large nut. My egr setup is different than the one in the video.

In Forum: Chevy Suburban

you may have set a code that will prevent the cruise from turning on. Scan your vehicle, record the code numbers and then clear the codes. See if your cruise comes back on. (4 wheeling can set ABS codes that will turn off your cruise control) Or disconnect the battery for a while and that could reset the abs codes (or might not...)

In Forum: GMC Trucks

I would check for a bad u-joint first.

In Forum: All Other Car Questions

Thanks - I had what I thought was a low oil problem about a year ago (where I was more diligent about checking) that would always trigger a CEL - was told eventually that it was a leaky oil pan plug and was repaired (by Jiffy Lube - whom I dont trust to repair anything) and the low oil problem seemingly went away - now I am thinking the absence of a CEL lulled me into thinking the problem was fixe

In Forum: GMC Trucks

Thanks, I appreciate your expertise!

In Forum: GMC Trucks

how high is your high idle? Most high idle problems are vacuum leaks. Unmetered air that causes the O2 sensor to go lean so the computer adds fuel to bring up the mixture that is no longer lean. So, more air and more fuel = higher rpms. Small vacuum leaks will affect idle but are not usually enough to affect driveability because you are opening up the throttle so the vacuum leak is negated. I


Thank you for the help, was great, for what I would of paid at the Dealer ($110.00) your mechanic helped me for free and it was done in less than 30 min. Awesome web-site, thanks again.

Robert L. - Dallas, TX.

Awesome advice. It's nice to know that even a tech that is having trouble diagnosing a problem has some place he can go to bounce ideas and seek advice from other certified Tech's.

Steve R. - New York, NY.

It is so nice to have a website all about car that even a woman that does not know anything about auto repair can come to and get some free help.

Stacy K. - Miami, FL.

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