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Ford Mustang engine overhaul.
Follow our Ford Mustang 5.0L engine overhaul project. View pictures and videos from start to finish.

How to check serpentine engine drive belt
Check your engine drive belt at regular intervals. Look for cracks in the ribs, pieces missing or worn out grooves.

How to check fuses
How to check fuses. This is the first thing that should be done whenever your vehicle has an electrical problem.
How to check fuses
How to use a digital volt ohm meter(DVOM)
to check electrical circuits.
A schematic also will be needed.

ABS Traction Light
Find out why the ABS or Traction Control light is coming on the dash of your car or trucks.
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3.1L and 3.4L
These V6 engines are 2 of the most widely used engines in all makes of cars. If you are going to fix it yourself, ask us and view these pictures of sensor locations and their descriptions and operation to help with auto repair.
Radio Display Shows LOC
We can unlock it for you. Just follow these few simple steps to retrieve a few numbers, and we will send you the unlock code with instructions on how to fix it.
Wheels and Tires
Find out everything you wanted to know about car and truck tires. How to check them, what all those numbers and letters mean, proper rotating, example and pictures.

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In Forum: Chevy Trucks

This just started , my 03 Tahoe while going down e-way started running rough then the engine quit. It would not restart right away but after sitting for 1 1/2 hrs engine restarted then did the same thing after about 2 miles. Had towed home and after sitting for several hours starts right up and runn

In Forum: Buick

you did use the recommended fluid type and weight so after that: verify that your transfer case encoder motor is working normally. it may be stuck in the full on mode.

In Forum: Oldsmobile

your 3.8L vin code 1 and L are slightly different in the specs but should not be adjustable. vin code 1 should be about .20 at low the end and 5.0 on the high end. vin code L should be about .40 at the low end and 4.0 on the high end. however almost any reading under 1 volt at the low end will wor

In Forum: Oldsmobile

I did pull the fuel injectors to each piston, and noise stayed the same...with the stethoscope, it was clear the culprit is cyl 6. I've also had a misfire code on cyl 6 previously. It's definitely not rodnock, I know how that one sounds...engine number two here!
In Forum: Ford Trucks

if the master cylinder is not the problem and there is no fluid loss (leaking) and the brake hoses are all in good condition, you should look at your ABS. the electro-hydraulic unit could be bad. can you get the pedal to fade with the engine not running? with the key off, pump the brake pedal u

In Forum: Pontiac Grand Am

Thanks mudn. There is no indication that it is running rich (smoke, smell, tail pipe looks pretty clean.) . I got a lead on a highly recommended shop/mechanic. Gonna talk to him tomorrow. Maybe we can get this figured out. My wife has driven it the past few days and says it is starting to act up pre

In Forum: Chevy Cars

you may want to see is the TSB# 00-07-30-002b dated july 2002 may be a concern for your trans. It talks about the pressure control solenoid assembly. but it also says it's related to codes p1811 and/or p0758. harsh upshifts, garage shifts, launch, slips, flares, erratic shifts...

In Forum: GMC Trucks

so you have no blower motor and no temperature control? you should use a scanner and check for DTC's for the rear ac. you can check and verify power and grounds. (picture overlaps)