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Ford Mustang engine overhaul.
Follow our Ford Mustang 5.0L engine overhaul project. View pictures and videos from start to finish.

How to check serpentine engine drive belt
Check your engine drive belt at regular intervals. Look for cracks in the ribs, pieces missing or worn out grooves.

How to check fuses
How to check fuses. This is the first thing that should be done whenever your vehicle has an electrical problem.
How to check fuses
How to use a digital volt ohm meter(DVOM)
to check electrical circuits.
A schematic also will be needed.

ABS Traction Light
Find out why the ABS or Traction Control light is coming on the dash of your car or trucks.
For some great information and expert advice on anything related to the Ford Mustang, you can go to AmericanMuscle's tech guides section
3.1L and 3.4L
These V6 engines are 2 of the most widely used engines in all makes of cars. If you are going to fix it yourself, ask us and view these pictures of sensor locations and their descriptions and operation to help with auto repair.
Radio Display Shows LOC
We can unlock it for you. Just follow these few simple steps to retrieve a few numbers, and we will send you the unlock code with instructions on how to fix it.
Wheels and Tires
Find out everything you wanted to know about car and truck tires. How to check them, what all those numbers and letters mean, proper rotating, example and pictures.

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In Forum: Honda

Honda and Toyota have remarkable histories. That being said, new cars of most makes are very sophisticated. Much better than even a few years ago. Today almost any new car will probably give you a good value for the money. Used cars is a little bit different. Everyone will have their own opinio

In Forum: Buick

well, unplugging sensors to find one that causes a problem is not a very good way to figure out what is happening to your car. Evap codes could possibly cause a problem at idle. But there are many other things that could also cause a problem at idle. Using a scanner, you could look at your fuel

In Forum: Ford Trucks

yes, do not lock your hubs on dry pavement. When 4wd is engaged the two front tires are locked on to the differential. when you turn in any direction the outside wheel during the turn turns in a bigger circle than the the inside tire. The differential is trying to make the tires move the same, so

In Forum: Toyota Car And Trucks

Yes, some cars disconnecting the battery will clear the codes. But it doesn't fix anything. So they will come back as the computer does it's relearn. you're going to have to test the evap pressure switch, the leak detection pump and look for an air leak to fix your car.

In Forum: Polls And Opinions

what and when? a description of what is going on and when it happens will help understand what is going on with your vehicle. usually you put it in D and drive around and it shifts through all the gears as needed. is your vehicle doing something different? Do you have a check engine light on?

In Forum: Pontiac Grand Prix

Thank you, will check more into it tomorrow. Borrowing snap on scanner. Thanks for pointing me in the wright direction. Didn't think we would get any reply. Will let you know when we get it fixed.

In Forum: Chevy Cars

Thanks. will try

In Forum: Ford Trucks

I don't understand "remote driveshafts" are you saying remove crank shaft? OK, lets start back a little ways. Is the engine in or out of the vehicle? And the heads are off the engine correct? When you say the engine wont turn, you mean you are trying to turn the crank by hand with the