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For some great information and expert advice on anything related to the Ford Mustang,
you can go to AmericanMuscle's tech guides section

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In Forum: Ford Trucks

I have a 1995 2.3 ford ranger, new battery, new alternator and new cables. It was running rough and the gauges were way off the normal places. I put in a new pcm relay, it is running smoother now but when I turn on the light switch the gauges are all over and the light to the radio goes out, and the truck quits.

In Forum: Ford Trucks

Every battery have their own life cycle after 2 years most of battery needs to be disposed because it stops working. bmw warranted pre owned

In Forum: Chevy Silverado

ok.. as for the scanner... ive been on e bay looking... cant find anything that specifies duramax diesel... does anyone know offhand a decent enough one for the person on a budget... i dont want to purchase one that does not work on duramax

In Forum: Dodge And Chrysler

My 2001 Dodge Ram pickup 5.2L stalled and wont start. It flashes "no bu5" instead of the odometer reading. Its the weirdest thing I've ever seen. Does anyone know what this means? I scanned for DTC codes and none show up. I've also checked all the fuses and relays and their okay.

In Forum: Saturn

I cannot find the torque specs for a lower control arm on an '08 Saturn aura 3.5L. I'm also curious how the rear bushing works when the bolt is tightened. If it locks the bushing in place, how does the arm pivot with the up and down movement of the suspension?

In Forum: Ford Trucks

Unusual to have the same problem keep popping up like that. Pretty straight forward, bearing noise, replace bearings and seal. On a two wheel drive it's just an inner and outer bearing and a seal. (front wheel) you have replaced the bearings, then the bearings and a spindle and the bearings are making noise again? Have you used the same hub and rotor every time? If every thing else has been


Thank you for the help, was great, for what I would of paid at the Dealer ($110.00) your mechanic helped me for free and it was done in less than 30 min. Awesome web-site, thanks again.

Robert L. - Dallas, TX.

Awesome advice. It's nice to know that even a tech that is having trouble diagnosing a problem has some place he can go to bounce ideas and seek advice from other certified Tech's.

Steve R. - New York, NY.

It is so nice to have a website all about car that even a woman that does not know anything about auto repair can come to and get some free help.

Stacy K. - Miami, FL.

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